Major Plumbing Mistakes You Must Avoid

To ensure that your plumbing system is working in the right way at all times there are certain things you should avoid. Note that the system is usually sensitive to the extent that a small mistake that can your entire system fail completely. All plumbing repairs regardless of their size should be performed with utmost case and only by a professional plumber. Note that you might find some minor issues that look easy to repair, note that they might be a sign of major plumbing problems to arise in the future. The following are some of the major plumbing mistakes you must avoid in your home.

Using drain cleaner wrongly

Despite that drain cleaners offers a perfect way to get rid of clogs and cleaning your pipes, excessive use of them might be harmful. Most of the cleaners have harsh chemicals, meaning that if they are not used in the right amount, they can cause corrosion of the iron found in the pipes and wear out the PVC. Instead of using these cleaners, it is advisable you go for organic options like vinegar or baking powder to make the system clean. In case it gets hard for you to unclog the pipes using an organic drain cleaner, you need to hire a plumber to help you do the cleaning.

Connecting pipes that do not match

This is the most common error that homeowners make. When you detect a minor leak, you might think it is easy for you to fix by yourself. This might be a leak close to the bathtub or under your sink. However, you might end up connecting pipes that do not match. This mistake can lead to great problems in the long run and cause damage to your plumbing system.

Use of incorrect fixtures

Wix professional plumber has all the qualifications meaning they understand all the building codes of your local area. Thus, as they do any job, they ensure that the right fittings are used in the correct way according to the local laws. If you attempt to repair the problem by yourself, you might end up going against these codes. One of the common errors is placing incorrect number of fixtures to a vent. Despite that there are fixtures with a combined vent, it is wrong to add more than twenty four fixtures to a two inch vent pipe.

Failure to turn water off

This is a simple mistake you can avoid. It is recommended that you turn the water off as you do all types of repairs regardless of their size. If you forget to turn the water off, you end up causing unnecessary mess and put unnecessary pressure on your piping system. Besides, this can lead to flooding, leading to high water bills.

DIY plumbing work

At times you might find it costly or you might think that a certain plumbing task is simple, so you can do it by yourself. If you have the skills, there are certain tasks such as installation of a faucet or unclogging your drain you can do by yourself. However, you should leave all installation and repair jobs to a professional plumber.